This week we talk about Annihilation. Some homework is required. We also talk about Ghost Busters (1984) editing issues. Ed’s Review: Back from Annihilation. Stars Natalie Portman and is directed by Alex Garland. It’s based on a series of books. It’s hard to describe what it’s about. Meteor lands at a lighthouse and a field […]


Ed’s Review: Watched Thoroughbreds last night. Been trying to think of a review. “Mostly Harmless.” It’s an odd movie. One character feels no emotion and another does a great job of hiding her emotions. The character who hides her emotions hates her step-dad. Things happen. The movie ends. It’s shot in a cool way, the […]

72 – Oscar Roundup

Darkest Hour – Ed’s Review:┬áDarkest Hour is about Churchill during the time he was installed as Prime Minister and the successful evacuation from Dunkirk. Odd that this came out the same year as Dunkirk. They are companion films. Darkest Hour is notable for the performance of Gary Oldman, the best actor to not have an […]

The Post

The Post is the newest from Steven Spielberg. A period piece about the Washington Post publishing the Pentagon Papers in the early 70’s. Short review is it should be nominated for an Oscar in just about every category and shouldn’t win any of them. It’s everyone doing their standard excellent performance but for some reason […]